There’s a Vincent van Gogh action figure complete with detachable ear, you know, for your art-loving Valentine

Have you ever want to give Vincent Van Gogh’s ear back to him? Yeah, us too.

Now, thanks to art website Today Is Art Day, we can! In a Kickstarter campaign, they pitch a new, must-have product: an action figure of the iconic Post-Impressionist painter. Complete with detachable ear.

ICYMI, shortly before Christmas in 1888, van Gogh severed his left ear lobe with a razor blade in a fit of lunacy after he had a row with his friend and fellow painter Gauguin one evening.

Bleeding heavily, van Gogh then wrapped his ear in cloth, walked to a nearby bordello and gifted the severed piece of flesh to a prostitute. Legend goes she fainted when he handed it to her.


Lesson is we NEED a Van Gogh action figure. The toy features the artist wearing a blue coat with a sunflower pinned to it. It comes with a paint brush and replicas of his famous paintings, including The Sunflowers and The Starry Night.


The action figure’s ears are removable, even though van Gogh supposedly only cut off the lobe of his left ear. But, what fun would that be, a removable ear lobe. Better they gave us the whole thing.

The figure is available to you by supporting the idea on Kickstarter – donate at at least $21 to receive the full figure.

According to the Kickstarter page, the project’s goal is to “make art history more fun, develop a new kind of product for art history fans [and] pay tribute to one of the greatest painters of all time.”

Gogh get it!