This portrait of Vincent van Gogh is made of 50,000 flowers

When we think of phenomenal artists who’ve made their colorful, meaningful mark on the world, Vincent van Gogh is definitely one of the first names that comes to mind. And since today marks the 125th anniversary of his passing, art lovers across the world are commemorating his brilliant life’s work in a just-as-brilliant fashion.

In Amsterdam, 50,000 dahlias have been arranged to form a breathtaking portrait of the artist. Sixty volunteers worked tirelessly to create a monumental floral arrangement that’s reminiscent of van Gogh’s Self-portrait with Gray Felt Hat. The end result is absolutely gorgeous. Behold:

There’s also a Netherlands-based bike path that pays homage to Starry Night. When the sun sets, there are thousands of twinkling stones that dazzle viewers as they walk beneath their own starry sky. Designer Dan Roosegaarde describes this dazzling creation as techno-poetry. “I wanted to create a place that people will experience in a special way, the technical combined with experience,” explained Roosegaarde. “That’s what techno-poetry means to me.”

And what about the French village where the world-renowned creator spent his final days? They planned several touching events. Van Gogh’s relatives laid a wreath of sunflowers flowers upon his grave earlier today, which is the perfect way to honor him. Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the places that inspired some of the artist’s most notable works. They can even take a trip to the painter’s former room in Auberge Ravoux, which is where he spent the last 70 days of his creative life.

Rather than only taking one day to honor this remarkable human, the Van Gogh Europe Foundation will be taking the entire year to applaud the life of this artistic genius. “125 Years of Inspiration” – which is what the memorable year has been dubbed – will recognize the locations where van Gogh lived and worked. The Netherlands, France, and Belgium are just some of the famous places that are on the list.

Since this treasured creative mind is known for his extensive travels, the Van Gogh Museum has released “The Vincent van Gogh Atlas” today. Within its pages, you can follow the master painter’s European travels from his hometown of  Zundert, Netherlands to his resting place at Auvers-sur-Oise, France. Here, readers can witness how (and where) this man became the artist he always longed to be.

Even if you’re not currently able to visit any of the places above, you can celebrate this amazing artist in your own unique way. Take a moment to look up his paintings. Admire them. And let them inspire you this Wednesday.

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