Vince Vaughn and Jimmy Fallon’s “Box of Lies” might be the best yet

How does Jimmy Fallon manage to make the most simple games so hilarious? “Box of Lies” is a recurring segment during which one opponent has to describe what’s in a box, and the other has to decide if it’s true. When you add Vince Vaughn to the mix, plus some truly ridiculous objects, you get the perfect recipe for comedy.

Thursday night’s boxes included a hulk action figure sitting in a bowl of crayons and a jellybean taco. They sound like things someone would say while sleeptalking, but somehow, the people behind the scenes came up with the ideas and managed to make them a reality.

There’s no way even Vince Vaughn can say “hulk action figure sitting in a bowl of crayons” with conviction, so naturally, Jimmy guessed it was a lie, losing the first round and putting himself in a bit of hot water when it comes to the score. When the tables were turned, Vince came out on top again, sending Jimmy to the floor in shame.

While Jimmy is recovering from his loss, we’ll be in the kitchen making jellybean tacos, because those sound weirdly delicious.