Vin Diesel paid a touching tribute to Paul Walker, and we’re crying just reading about it

The eighth film in the Fast and the Furious franchise will be out in just a couple weeks. With the death of Paul Walker in 2013 still at the forefront of the minds of many fans and the crew, Vin Diesel paid tribute to Walker at CinemaCon when The Fate of the Furious screened at the trade show. And he got teary-eyed because who wouldn’t?!


The Fast and the Furious crew returns with the eighth (WOW!!) film in the franchise in April. The films have always been about family and loyalty — and this film won’t be any different. What will be different is the absence of Paul Walker, who sadly passed away during a break in filming the seventh movie. At CinemaCon, Vin Diesel honored Walker, and discussed that it was Paul who agreed to make eight films.

“It was Paul Walker who promised eight,” Diesel told the crowd. “It played over and over again in my brain.”

And then Vin went onto explain how he wanted to honor Walker’s legacy:

“You are reminded of this angel that was so integral to this concept of brotherhood for our millennium. There’s something beautiful about that. There’s something celebratory about that. I always feel like he’s looking down on us so we didn’t want to let him down."

Vin has called Walker his best friend and even named his daughter after him. We can’t imagine what it must feel like to work hard on a project that your best friend also was a part — hoping that you’re making him proud. It’s totally understandable that Vin got teary-eyed during the speech.

Watch the full trailer for the film here:

The Fate of the Furious will be in theaters April 14. And judging by the trailer, you’ll want to rush right over to see it.