9 videos that will make people with aerophobia feel so soothed

At the height of their intensity, irrational fears can be completely paralyzing and keep us from living us our best lives. For instance, if you suffer from aerophobia, or the fear of flying, your travel options are automatically restricted since the mere thought of boarding a plane can trigger major anxiety or panic attacks.

None of the statistics about flying being safer than driving are convincing enough to help you calm your nerves in flight — the actual phobia isn’t always just about the act of flying. Experts say aerophobia — also known as aviophobia — is also related to tangential aspects of flying, such as a fear of plane engine malfunction or terrorist attacks.

To those who book flights with ease and actually look forward to taking to the skies, flying to get where we need to go is no big deal. Given that, it’s easy to unintentionally minimize the fact that 6.5 percent of Americans have a fear of flying, according to the National Institutes of Mental Health.

Luckily, those who have a crippling aversion to flying have various treatment options including app that claim to cure the fear of flying, plane whisperers who work with aerophobia sufferers, and/or cognitive behavioral therapy.

While you explore those options and explore their effectiveness, check out these eight videos that are intentionally designed to make people with aerophobia feel totally soothed.

1This flying video narrated video by a former aerophobe.


This nearly seven-minute long video includes step-by-step narration of a 787 Dreamliner’s takeoff from London’s Heathrow airport. It explains everything that’s going on with the plane, which could possibly help those who have a fear of flying deal with feeling like they’re not in control.

2This simulation takeoff video.


This clip belongs to the VirtualDreamer series of “real audio dreamscapes” which is used as a means to help fearful fliers to relax or visualize the scene to overcome their phobia.

3This “Flying Without Fear” hypnosis session


This video taps into the subconscious mind in order to help “facilitate change on a conscious level.” As the narrator Thomas Hall suggests, it’s best to listen somewhere you are safe and comfortable because the intention is to help you relax as much as possible.

4This meditative video for flight anxiety.


This video encourages viewers to focus on their breathing to help them to calm down in order to see the plane in a more rational way.

5Fear of Flying guided meditation


According to the video’s narrator, this 8-minute meditation can be listened to just before your flight or a few times in the days leading up to your travel plans. It is designed to help with the processes of “coming down, easing nerves, finding relaxation.”

6This ASMR flying anxiety video


At almost an hour long, this soothing video comes with soothing background music and narration that is meant to help those who have panic attacks during flight.

7A guided meditation for driving and travel anxiety


Accompanied by an image of an isolated desert road, this 10-minute clip provides meditative affirmations, assuring anyone with a fear of flying that they are safe, calm, and will arrive at their destination in a timely and safe manner.

8Mindfulness meditation video


This three-and-a-half-minute clip provides a sample of a 15-minute mindfulness meditation that is meant to be listened to by nervous passengers during flight.

9This flight anxiety video with tips.


This brief clip addresses flight anxiety with 10 practical tips like how to prepare before flying to ease stress, breathing techniques and using distractions to help relax yourself during a flight.