These videos about consent should be required viewing

Planned Parenthood recently rolled out a line of videos designed to teach people about consent. The organization is using its platform to get the word out that consent needs to be affirmative, enthusiastic, and verbal.

“Consent means that both parties are really, truly into what’s going on,” the narrator explains, in the first video of the series. “This means nobody is being guilted or pressured into doing anything. Silence does not equal consent.”

Later in the same video, the narrator breaks consent down into a step-by-step process. 1.) Everybody’s clear about what’s about to happen next, and they’re happy about it. 2.) Everyone in the situation has to be able to feel free to say no without feeling pressured or hassled. 3.) Be honest about whether or not you’re on birth control, have an STD, or are having sex with other people. 4.) Consent once isn’t consent forever. 5.) Sex is about connection and pleasure.

The next videos, entitled “When you know they’re into it,” “When they’re kinda into it,” and “When they’re just not into it,” are exactly what they sound like. The videos show scenes between various couples to demonstrate how real consent works in action.

In the fight to end sexual assault, it is imperative that we focus on consent education. We are so thrilled that Planned Parenthood took a stand with these informative and timely videos.


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