This video explains all the crazy “Westworld” timelines chronologically and we are fascinated

Whenever we start a new TV show, we get absolutely hooked. So it’s no surprise that HBO’s Westworld immediately sucked us in. Since sitting down for episode one, we can’t stop thinking about it, and we’re obsessed all of those mind-blowing Westworld theories about the park… and Bernard especially.

Though fans and fan theories have focused on a lot of different characters — Maeve, Dolores, William — the one main theory we keep seeing is that there is more than one timeline in the show, and there’s something fishy with Bernard.

One of our favorites so far? This new video explaining the timeline chronologically on CinemaBlend. Cutting and pasting scenes from the episode, YouTube user Zen Zep puts forth his own theory of the order in which all of Westworld‘s events are truly taking place. Check it out for yourself.

Did you catch all that? Let’s break it down a little.

According to Zen Zep’s timeline, the conversations we see between Bernard and Dolores are actually some of the first chronological events… and that isn’t actually Bernard, it’s Arnold who we know has a special relationship with Dolores, one of the park’s original hosts.

After her talks with Arnold, Dolores then meets up with William and Logan during their time in the park and sets out on her quest to find The Maze that Arnold told her about. Meanwhile, Maeve is living out her previous tragic timeline in the countryside of the park with her daughter.

So where are Teddy and the Man in Black?

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Well, look closely and you’ll notice that this video is titled “WestWorld – Multiple timelines re-edited chronologically – Part I.” Our best guess: Teddy and the Man in Black are in a future timeline that takes place years down the road, and meeting up with Dolores again just may be the key to figuring out the answers the Man in Black is looking for.

But wait. We know Bernard is Bernard, and we see him interacting with other characters like Elsie and Hughes and Theresa Cullen — so how can he be Arnold?

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Zen Zep answered just that in the comments. “There is a Bernard in the present,” they write. “Probably a host created by the sentimental Ford.” It wouldn’t be totally out of character. After all, we know that Ford has been maintaining hosts that mimic his younger self and his family… so why not an Arnold-inspired host?

Like we said, this video is only Part I in what we can assume is a several part series from Zen Zep. As for how the rest of the timeline plays out, we’ll have to wait and see.

One thing we know for sure? We’ll be tuning in again tonight.

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