This amazing video lets you visit Pluto thanks to the power of virtual reality

While some thrill-seekers may be planning to book a flight to space on SpaceX, such an option might not be financially feasible (not to mention physically possible) for most of us. But never fear: We can still get that exciting taste of space, thanks to NASA, The New York Times, The Lunar and Planetary Institute, and The Universities Space Research Association.

On July 14, NASA’s New Horizons mission flew past Pluto and her five moons, scanning the dwarf planet in “unprecedented detail.” It was a momentous occasion for NASA and space exploration. New Horizons science team member Peter Throop even went behind-the-scenes and described that memorable day in a captivating blog entry.

However, well aware that many people prefer to experience their science rather than read about it, The New York Times has released a Virtual-Reality tour of Pluto using this footage, one that can be experienced with a simple download of the paper’s VR app.

Or, for a sneak peak:

The app has many “VR stories” other than this look at space, including an underwater adventure and a look at the world from the tippy-top of 1 World Trade Center.

We always knew virtual reality was cool — but who knew it could be educational, as well?