This video is going viral because it might prove ghosts are real

The following HelloGiggles post is best read with the lights on. And maybe under your covers. Surrounded by teddy bears.

A woman in Ireland named Ashy Murphy shared a short, one-minute video on Facebook last week that allegedly shows a ghost moving things around in her kitchen. The video now has almost 13 million views, being shared all over the world – even news stations in Los Angeles have picked up the story. Why? Because the video is terrifyingly realistic and might just be definitive proof that spirits walk among us.

The video’s caption reads, “Its getting way worse I defo have to move house,” implying that this isn’t the first time Ashy has experienced inanimate objects moving on their own. Her recording begins focused on a light fixture above her fridge. Loud music plays, and it almost looks like the light is swinging along, like maybe the upstairs neighbors are partying so hard they are shaking the ceiling.

But then …

Gah! Did you just get shivers down your spine? If you’re not convinced that there is an other-worldly presence in Ashy’s house, know that the light swinging violently like that may be the least horrifying thing that happens in the video.

Right after, a broom falls against the wall. Look closely, though: the handle doesn’t just flop to the side. It moves as though someone has picked it up and thrown it.

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Then a pan slides along the countertop. But again, it’s like someone is lifting it up. The pan literally floats in the air for a second.

The ghost then slams open a cabinet.

And I almost pee my pants.
Ashy stops recording after a red bin — which looks heavy enough not to be blown around by the wind — travels across the kitchen floor to land at her feet.

Hundreds of people have left comments with advice on how to deal with the ghost. One Facebook user wrong, “Have you tried asking a vicar to spread holy water in the house? Worked for my mum! No harm in trying xxx.”

Personally, I think Ashy only has one option. She’s gotta make the call.

If you dare, check out the full video below: