This video of Tom Hardy grunting 72 times in 40 seconds is weirdly entrancing

If there’s one thing we’re gathering from 2017 it’s that we have a bit of an obsession with Tom Hardy. The British actor is currently starring in a new TV show, Taboo, on FX, and if you’ve been watching it you’ll know that Mr Hardy’s dialogue is pretty reliant on grunting.

Of course, our obsession with Tom Hardy isn’t just due to his grunt work (get it?). No, in fact we’ve also become enamored with the 39-year-old actor because he can’t stop reading bedtime stories. So far this year, Hardy has appeared on British TV twice to recite children’s stories, and they’re actually too much.

However, it’s Tom Hardy’s grunting that we’re interested in today.

We’re pretty invested in Taboo, the gritty British period-drama set in 1814 that sees Tom Hardy play a less than savoury character, James Delaney, who has recently returned to England from Africa.

While we always love seeing anything that Hardy is in, it’s becoming apparent as the show progresses that he’s pretty partial to a grunt to get his point across. In fact, the actor has grunted so much in the show that YouTube channel Flypiefilms has created a supercut video of all the grunts in the first five episodes of the show’s run.

What’s even more astounding, however, is that in those first five episodes, Hardy manages to get in 72 (!) grunts. Perhaps it’s the quantity of grunts in the 40 second video, then, that makes it so darn hilarious.

We don’t know about you, but there’s something kinda entrancing and hypnotic about hearing Tom Hardy grunt 72 times in 40 seconds…

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that the actor has filmed three more bedtime stories that are set to be aired later this year.

If Tom Hardy’s grunting floats your boat, you can catch Taboo tonight on FX.

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