You will need to instantly watch this video of tiny monkeys eating marshmallows

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, you guys. We won’t go into specifics, because sometimes you just need a break from political talk. But it’s important to point out that amidst all the negativity, there’s still light. Specifically, the happiness a video of tiny monkeys eating marshmallows is bringing to our lives right now.

The Brave Wilderness YouTube channel shared a video of little marmosets chowing down on marshmallows, and it’s almost too cute for our hearts to handle.

As it turns out, Marmoset monkeys absolutely love marshmallows.

Do you blame them though? They are pretty delicious.

It’s surprising that the monkeys are totally comfortable jumping on the laps of humans to get their treats. But we completely understand their desire to eat marshmallows.

The treats are used for a very specific reason, which is explained in the Brave Wilderness video description.

As the channel describes, "The first thing you should know about Marmosets is these tiny Monkeys LOVE marshmallows! It’s not their everyday food but marshmallows are used as special treat to reward good behavior and allow handlers to work these small monkeys more easily. In todays case they will be used to help Coyote makes friends with them so the crew can get up close with the cameras."

Check out the marmosets in all their marshmallow-eating glory:

It’s unclear as to how humans realized that marmosets love marshmallows. Like, did someone come across a marmoset one time and happen to have some on hand? And the marmoset used hand gestures to say, “Give me that marshmallow?”

Perhaps none of that matters. What matters is that this video exists and that marmosets are adorable.

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