Do those jeans come with a thigh gap? Yes, yes they do.

When we talk about eating disorders and body dysmorphia and fashion magazines and the weight loss industry, we inevitably end up talking about “the thigh gap.” You know, the couple inches of space you’re supposed to have between your thighs because… because… because… this is usually the part where people trail off because there is no real reason why you should have a thigh gap. It’s a thing Photoshop-happy marketers made up a few years ago to make women who don’t have space between their thighs (re: a lot of women) feel badly about their bodies.

Visual social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram inadvertently became ground zero for the “thinspiration” movement of the last few years, perpetuating the myth that a woman’s self-worth is completely tied up in how much space she has between her thighs. It’s heartbreaking stuff, the kind of stuff you just want to write think piece after think piece about, chipping away at the malevolent myth until you find you’ve actually made a dent in all the lies.

You can fight thigh gap insanity with think pieces, but you can also fight it with laughter. Enter JustBoobs comedy group and their hilars new “Thigh GAP” vid, a mock-commercial in which women gush over their new “thigh GAP jeans,” which are. . . just a pair of ordinary jeans with a wooden stick jammed between your thighs to keep them separated.

Featuring group members Stephanie Carrie, Elizabeth Bond, Melissa Rojas and Kate McDaniel, the sketch boasts cheerfully delivered, awesomely on-the-nose lines like “I thought a thigh gap was an unattainable body myth championed by the media to lower women’s self-esteem and make them easier targets for advertising,” and “Don’t let unrealistic beauty standards get you down, let them get you shopping!”

We’re familiar with the said-to-death adage that laughter is the best medicine, but it might also just be the best weapon.

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