This video of Snoop Dogg watching candy canes get made might make you reconsider eating holiday sweets

Expanding your culinary comprehension is a must if you host dinner parties with Martha Stewart, which is why we totally get this video of Snoop Dogg watching candy canes get made. Like, how can he throw the perfect holiday party and not know the origin of the candy cane?

According to Eater, the rapper-turned-professional dinner host watched the candy-making process unfold during the appropriately titled Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment “Howz It Mizzade” in which he was tasked with guessing what’s being prepared.

Less than halfway through the process, Snoop had already thrown out so many fail guesses that we honestly stopped counting. Apparently, he thinks candy canes-in-the-making resemble The Blob, “hot bumblebee pee mixed with flour,” vomit and Frisbees, among other inedible items.

Oof. So, can anyone blame Snoop for being grossed out by what he saw? We have a feeling that all the gleeful holiday shoppers who bought candy canes in bulk are probably reconsidering their purchases right about now.