Here’s a very soothing video of silver and lead “growing” in case you need to relax

We’ve found something that’s decidedly more interesting and way more relaxing than watching paint dry: a video of silver and lead growth. In case you weren’t already aware, observing chemical processes like crystals being “born” and pills dissolving in water has this strangely calming effect on the nervous system.

Now, we won’t go so far as to say watching chemistry do its thing is a suitable replacement for a spa day because that’s just downright preposterous. BUT! We will still encourage you to curl up under a blanket and hit the full screen button on this Beauty of Science video because it contains absolutely gorgeous microscopic images.

Here’s an up-close view of the lead:




And the lead:




In the clip, lead and silver are shown against white and black backdrops respectively, as both metals undergo what’s known as a metal displacement reaction, a process that takes place when one metal takes the place of a less reactive metal in a metal salt solution.

For your scientific viewing pleasure, the footage is sped up and set to music to enhance the beauty of this chemical reaction.

Whoa. That was surprisingly intense.

Once again, we have to thank the folks over at Beauty of Science for providing this educational content that enthralls and enthralls us, and almost makes us wish we could go back to high school chemistry for a do-over. Almost.

For now, we’re fine with re-watching these majestic clips to fill in whatever gaps of scientific knowledge that may have formed when we were napping in class.