This video shows exactly what pregnancy does to your body

We often hear about all the negative things pregnancy does to a woman’s body — the fluctuating hormones, the possibility of postpartum depression, and all the strange hunger cravings, like pickles and ice cream (which is so renowned, there’s even a maternity apparel line called Pickles & Ice Cream, as well as a book for expectant fathers.) While negative pregnancy symptoms make for good drama, it’s easy for people to forget about all the good stuff and the happy moments during pregnancy.

Enter photographer/editor Matan Tamarkin and his wife, Shani Maivar Tamarkin, who made a fun, clever time-lapse video, “Tale of Nine Months,” showing her nine-month pregnancy — and the whole thing is under a minute. (If only IRL pregnancies were that short, some may wish.) It starts out with Matan blowing up a balloon, then handing it off to his wife. The more she inhales its air, the more her stomach expands. In the meantime, the scenery changes in the background and sticky notes show how far along she is in her journey toward baby.

It’s such a playful, fun video that will be an amazing memory for the creative couple in the years to come. While we’d never want to discount the difficult experience that, you know, growing a whole other human in your body, can be, it’s great to get a charming reminder that there’s something incredibly cool about all the ways a woman’s body changes during pregnancy.

Thanks Matan and Shani for showing any one who is excited about pregnancy just what’s in store for their bodies. Check out the whole time-lapse video below:

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