We are completely mesmerized by this video showing how ’90s dessert Viennetta is made

You remember those Viennetta commercials from the ’90s, right? The ones that made a frozen ice-cream cake look like the poshest thing since Grey Poupon? Much like Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Viennetta ads made ’90s children everywhere fall in love at first sight.

But now a new video of Viennetta (sorry, not JTT) has emerged that is absolutely hypnotizing. The layer upon layer of deliciousness that are packed into each part of the creation process are so intricate and interesting that it’s hard to stop watching.

It begins, innocently enough with one soft, sweet layer being slathered with drool-inducing chocolate.


And then there’s another layer of ice cream added with more chocolate filling.


And just when you think maybe that’s enough, they add another layer and you realize you way underestimated the true goodness that is in this delectable dessert.

The smooth mixed layer foundation is suddenly taken to the next level when it enters what we can only assume is a magical rippling machine that makes gives the concoction its distinct shape.


And then another layer of ice cream is added the top of all this goodness because of course it is.


The ice cream’s journey does not end there. It goes on to have a few more layers added to give it even more shape and flavor before being cut and ready to be sent to a lucky person who will devour every morsel of its tasty beauty.

At the end of the video, just as you’re triumphantly watching the victorious treats on the path to bring their deliciousness into the world, there is a bit of a heart-breaking moment when the camera pans down and you see all the discarded Viennettas who will never live their full dessert potential. It’s so sad that we agree with Metro UK’s choice to make it a bleak black and white.


The video is only a minute long, which means you can watch time and time again without feeling too guilty about it (unlike how you might feel if you eat, say, three of these in one sitting). Savor it like you’d savor that delicious Viennetta itself.