This vintage vid shows Emma Watson totally freaking out (in the cutest way) when Rob Pattinson forgot her name

We’re all so obsessed with Emma Watson that I’m pretty sure most of us would have to really struggle to remember a time that we didn’t know her name. Between slaying as Hermione all through our childhoods and championing pro-feminist messages with the UN, she’s basically the queen of our hearts — which is exactly why this vintage video of Robert Pattison forgetting Emma Watson’s name feels so truly unbelievable. Seriously, Cedric? How hard exactly did that Bludger hit you in the head?

What’s even funnier about the encounter is that it was so long ago that they’ve still got their baby faces. This right here is some quality pre-Twilight Rob squabbling with a pre-Bling Ring Emma, and oh, does she let him have it. It’s not clear how long they knew each other when this hilarious moment got caught on tape, but apparently long enough that Emma Watson was ridonk insulted by it and was not going to let it slide.

“Don’t do this to me! What’s my name?” she teases him.

“That’s — that one,” he manages.

I’m glad to see that their friendship survived this LITERAL CRIME Rob committed on the Harry Potter set, because they both seem like cool human beings. But even I feel a major offense toward his forgetting. Incidentally, my name is also Emma, and I may be biased in saying this but it’s pretty much the best name ever, not to mention only four freaking letters long. How could someone ever dare to forget it?! #Rude, Rob.

In his defense (if he deserves any), there aren’t a ton of scenes with Cedric and Hermione together. Or maybe, like a lot of us, he blurred the line between Emma and Hermione so intensely that he couldn’t remember which one she was in real life. Nonetheless, somebody needed to get that kid a Remembrall, stat.

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