This hilarious vid shows what happened if Rey found the wrong guy in “Star Wars”

It was the most iconic moments in the latest Star Wars movie. After months of speculation about whether or not we’d even see the long-lost Luke Skywalker, Rey finally puts together the mysterious map, ascends a remote mountain, and confronts a hooded figure.

But, like, what if that hooded figure hadn’t been Luke Skywalker? What if Rey had taken a wrong turn in some convoluted galaxy? Or maybe the map didn’t contain Skywalker’s whereabouts, but some other famous (and also long-lost) movie character?

Luckily for all of us, YouTube user levellord has created and posted a video that shows us just how that would have gone down.

Spoiler alert: It’s awesome.


That’s right. It’s Rey meeting Tim The Enchanter (from Monty Python and the Holy Grail of course). The brilliance with which levellord has cut together these two scenes creates nothing short of pure hilarity. The fact that Tim truly does possess powers (even if they’re a bit, well, shtick-ier than the way of the Jedi) makes it plausible that Rey might, for a second, think he’s the illustrious Luke Skywalker. After all, he’s basically become a legend at this point and Tim is nothing short of legendary-looking himself.

Plus, Monty Python and the Holy Grail came out in 1975 and the first Star Wars came out in 1977. So really, time-wise, both characters would be waiting roughly the same amount of time. That has to count for something, right?


The best part is when Rey “realizes” her mistake and has to turn around. Even though we know that’s not actually how it went down, it still cracks us up the thought that she’d have to turn back and try and figure out her mistake after all she’s been through to get there.

Because, despite the fact that she’s obviously a super powerful Jedi, even Jedis can make mistakes.

Enjoy the whole video in its entirety. It’s short and sweet, so you can watch it several times and see just how well its done while, of course, cracking up with every viewing.

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