This video of random items being dipped in paint is strangely soothing

Prepare to get your zen on with the assistance of a most unlikely source. For some strange reason, this video of someone paint dipping random items has us feeling remarkably calm. Seriously, watching this clip along with a video of dancing paint will probably be followed by the best sleep of your life.

Giving into the seduction of sleep has to be one of the sweetest sensations ever, but you can’t get there if you’re all wound up and anxious, ya know?  If you’re one of those people who can’t even relax during a massage, then ugh, please accept our sincerest regrets along with this virtual paint panacea presented by Super Deluxe.

SIGHS. Doesn’t that look *totally* relaxing? Who would’ve thought that watching a baby doll being immersed in a pool of trippy colors would be so effective at setting our souls at ease? We came thisclose to falling asleep while watching this hypnotic video and halfway through, we started using that one-handed typing method that means you’re about to go down for the count.

Sheesh, this video had us feeling so lazy! Considering the title is “Paint Dipping: Stoned Mode,” we’d say it sufficiently served its purpose. BUT! Just when you think this video is about to send you into a snooze-filled La La Land, a penis magically appears on the screen. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT: These maniacal people dipped a penis in paint.

The entire video is pretty neat, but the penis part you know you wanna see appears towards the end:

Stoned paint video, how dare you betray us this way? We totally thought we were gonna get in a few minutes of intense shut-eye, but NOPE, there’s no way we can possibly power nap after this.