This very joyful video proves that being a dog groomer is the ultimate dream job

Stop your career search right this instant because we have visual proof that dog grooming is the ultimate dream job. Bored Panda shared a video of dog stylist Mehmut Gunes on the job and it honestly looks like the best gig ever. Gunes’ Istanbul salon mostly serves dogs, but he’s also groomed cats and guinea pigs.

Unless you have an aversion to rubbin’ all up on dogs for a living, these dog grooming makeovers are the perfect route to a bright professional future filled with doggie interaction, nonstop affection (it’s listed in the job description) and plenty of dog wine because what’s a pooch-pampering sesh without some drinks?

This dozing dog looks like he’s already had a couple sips, but we’re pretty sure that’s just the result of Gunes working his magic:

TFW you know you deserve the finer things in life:

When that chic professional blowout turns you into #hairgoals:

So, who’s ready to start accepting doggie customers?