This video proves celebrity parents also have no chill

You know how parents can be so… well… embarrassing? Everyone has a memory they recall from childhood that makes them say, wait a minute, I don’t think other parents made their kids do this. You know, stuff you didn’t realize was weird until you were an adult. For example, my parents told me that ambulances weren’t emergency vehicles but were the Cry Police, a squad of officers who roamed the streets to punish kids who cried. (It was an effective tactic.)

Now, as adults, we look back and can’t help but laugh at the odd stuff our parents did. The best part? Nobody is immune to having embarrassing parents. Not even celebrities. Reddit user Theonewhoclockss asked, “What’s something your parents did when you were a kid that you didn’t realize was weird until you grew up?” And this new video for Vanity Fair delivers answers, featuring our favorite stars sharing the weird stuff their parents did when they were kids.

The video features Chloë Sevigny, Elisabeth Moss,  Jenny Slate — who says the unforgettable line, “I didn’t know people went to the bathroom with the door closed. That’s a tough one to learn at school” — Zosia Mamet, Lily-Rose Depp, John Krasinksi, Gabrielle Union, and more.

We laugh, but know our parents’ weird quirks and behaviors were done out of love. Watch the video for more amazingly embarrassing stories!Watch this on The Scene.

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