This video of the “Planet Earth II” animals screaming like humans is genius

Sometimes, you just have to get your feelings out with some good old fashioned screaming – even if you’re not human.

Someone dubbed human screams over footage of animals from Planet Earth II and, if we’re being honest, it’s totally weird while also being totally perfect.

Otherwise normal footage of members of the animal kingdom is suddenly transformed into expressions of emotion we can all relate to: Fear, happiness, excitement sadness, and frustration.

The high-pitched scream of a lizard running away from THREE snakes at 0:40? #Relatable.


The lynx’s muffled scream after jumping in the snow at 0:48? Try not to laugh. 


This weird bird’s sporadic shouts at 0:59? Who even knows what that’s about, but it’s hilarious.


The video quickly went viral, earning more than 60,000 views (and counting) on YouTube since it was released on December. 17th.

Now, if only we could have a video of animals with human laughs. Pretty please?

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