This video of a panda clumsily climbing a snowman is the most joyous thing you’ll experience today

Regardless of how busy you are right now, we strongly suggest that you drop everything for three minutes and watch this video of a panda clumsily climbing a snowman. In addition to being adorably hilarious, it has led many a viewer to pose this important question: Are pandas actually drunk humans wearing furry costumes? When the Toronto Zoo built a snowman for their panda, Da Mao, he went to town.

Undeterred after taking a perilous fall, Da Mao proceeded to get hit directly in the face with a snowball — but that didn’t stop him. Nope, he got right back on that snowman and… fell off again.

But, Da Mao is no quitter and he repeated his effort a grand total of six times before finally rolling away to chomp on bamboo or engage in other panda activities.

Look, we give props to anyone (human or animal) who doesn’t give up — but this seems a little excessive, even for the pluckiest, most resilient panda.

So, it’s totally understandable that we’re now questioning everything we know — is it possible that pandas are indeed drunk humans in amazing disguises?


We can laugh at Da Mao all we want (spoiler alert — there’s a lot of laughter involved), but we gotta respect his determination to climb that snowman, no matter how many snowball hits he took to the face. We think Da Mao should keep living his best life — whether he’s drunk or sober, he’s brought holiday joy to over a million YouTube viewers.