Here’s a video of polar bear cubs getting their first peek at the world, which you definitely want to see

After the year we’ve had, humans have a laundry list of gripes about everything that’s gone wrong with life, but after watching this awwdorable video of polar bear cubs getting their first peek at the world, our cold, iced-over hearts have somehow managed to thaw out just a bit.

The Smithsonian Channel recently shared a video of a polar bear and her 10-week-old cubs emerging from their den in spring. Photographers were on hand to capture the cute baby polar bears‘ first glimpse at sunlight, and they definitely qualify as animals we want to squeeze.

At 20 pounds each, the cubs appear to be energized and ready to frolic in the snow, but obviously mama bear gets first dibs on stretching her limbs:

Then, with mama’s permission, the cubs come out of their cozy den to take a cautious peek at their surroundings:

Honestly, they’ve been cooped up in close quarters for an entire winter and they kind of want to play:

But hibernation took a lot out of them so they position themselves for one final nap before playtime:

SIGHS. These precious cubs have their entire lives ahead of them and pretty soon they’ll be taking advantage of all that nature has to offer like chilling in the snow and soaking up all of the sunshine, sleeping with stuffed animals and enjoying giant ice baths.

We don’t know exactly what’s in the store for these newcomers to nature, but watching these innocent creatures adjust to their surroundings does manage to make us feel a *little* better about the world.