This video of people sledding in Poland is peak winter insanity

Since winter is like that annoying house guest who refuses to take a hint and just GO AWAY, there are some creative individuals out there who’ve chosen to have fun with the season. Case in point: this insane video of people sledding in Poland. Now, we know you’re probably thinking that sledding is simply a run-of-the-mill cold weather pastime. However, these daredevils are showing us a rather exhilarating way to do a snow day when you’re no longer a kid, and also when you’ve reached the highest levels of winter-induced insanity.

Go ahead — read a book to escape winter, but some people will be outdoors in Poland in the thick of it, being pulled on sled down a frozen, winding road and looking awfully excited about it. According to Google, the video caption (loosely) translates to “Amateur rural sleigh rides in action.”

Let us assure you: When people ask how you feel about winter travel, we’re pretty sure they weren’t talking about this type of sleigh ride, which doesn’t look like an activity of which Santa or his reindeer would approve.

Oof. Was anyone else just holding their breath in anticipation for the inevitable face plant? If you dare, definitely give this winter “sport” a whirl before the snow/ice slush melts.

But for the energetic kids lookin’ to stir up some trouble on your school day, we’re gonna go full-fledged mom mode by saying that this is definitely one of those activities that you should not try at home, no matter who double dog dares you.