Surrender to this video of a peanut butter french toast waffle sandwich being made

It’s Monday, and we need something to brighten our day. Welcoming the week with a tasty treat is important, and we found the perfect snack to do just that! David Burke’s peanut butter french toast waffle sandwich is the food mashup we’ve been waiting for our whole lives. AND it’s super duper easy to make.

He revealed this delicacy in a video for the network (PEN), and admitted it’s the kind of simple food that he cooks at home. “This is a combination of many different things. It starts out as the idea of a peanut butter sandwich and French toast but then we cook it in a waffle machine.” Instead of having just jelly with the peanut butter, the sauce is made from maple syrup, orange juice, bananas and strawberries. And jelly! Okay, we’re officially hungry.

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Here’s a video of Burke making the sandwich (it really gets going about a minute-and-a-half in):

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And if you want it all written down for easy reference, here’s the recipe:

2 eggs
⅓ cup milk
1 tbsp. sugar
½ tsp. vanilla
Dash cinnamon
2 slices sandwich bread (white or wheat)
Peanut butter
2 oz. heated maple syrup
1 oz. grape jelly
Orange juice
1 banana, diced
Fresh strawberries, diced
Powdered sugar
Whipped cream
Shaved chocolate

1. Pre-heat waffle maker. In a shallow bowl, combine eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon; set aside

2. Make a peanut butter sandwich. Dip the sandwich in the French toast batter, letting the excess liquid drip off and put into pre-heated waffle maker.

3. While sandwich is cooking, heat the maple syrup, jelly and a splash of orange juice. Add diced bananas and jelly until warmed through.

4. Once the sandwich is golden brown, transfer to a plate and top with heated maple syrup mixture, whipped cream & shaved chocolate. Serve immediately.

via giphyAnd if you’re looking for something else peanut butter-related to spice up your life, what about a peanut butter and jelly SMOOTHIE?! Yup, it exists.

Thank you David…HAPPY MONDAY!