This video of hyena and wildebeest babies playing together quickly goes from cute to super scary

We absolutely adore baby animals, especially when two creatures of a different species hit it off like in this National Geographic clip of hyena and wildebeest babies playing together. But before we can sit back and marvel at this wonderful display of newbie animal innocence, an aggressive hyena mom suddenly swoops in and ruins all the fun because that’s *such* a mom thing to do.

Apparently, hyena mothers are considered some of the most caring in the animal world. That is probably why this particular mom didn’t hesitate to intervene and protect her offspring, even from a perfectly harmless (albeit unlikely) animal BFF that looks like it wants to horse around a bit, but is apparently oblivious to the rules of living in the wild.

In the clip, a herd of wildebeests grazes in an open field, when a calf named Neo sprints away from the group. He eventually finds himself face to face with Junior the baby hyena, and that’s when the situation quickly goes from precocious and cute…

To downright scary:

If you can stand to see what happens next, watch the full video (with one eye closed):


Welp, that animal friendship didn’t last long. Neo clearly had plans to make an animal bestie out of Junior but nature wasn’t having it. One viewing of The Lion King could’ve easily saved this calf from his near-death experience.

Sheesh, guys. It seems like learning to adult in the wild is more complicated than learning the ropes as a fully grown-up human.