This video of a cat walking a dog on a leash reminds us that cats are forever the boss

In this world, there are dog people and there are cat people. While we all try to live harmoniously, sometimes the dog people just don’t get the appeal of cats. After watching this video of a cat walking a dog, perhaps their minds will change a little bit. Sure, cats might sometimes be a little more stand-offish, but they’re incredibly smart.

The cat in this video, which was posted on Reddit, is definitely the take-charge type. The dog, on the other hand, just seems happy to be outside. We totally understand both points of view. (In fact, on Mondays we’re more like the cat, and on Fridays, we’re feeling those puppy vibes.)

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There are so many things we love about this. First, the fact that the dog and cat nearly match. (Seriously, totally disregarding the fact that they’re two completely different animals, they look like they could be related.) Second, we dig the moment that the cat regains control by briefly staying put. That cat knows she’s in charge. Third? Well, it’s a cat video. Enough said.

It’s possible that the gif was originally found through YouTube. About three months ago, two different sources uploaded the video, sans sound, with neither actually taking claim for the footage.

Strange, since if that was our cat and dog, we’d pretty much be boasting about it constantly.

It’s cute that these two are obviously friends. The cat seems pretty invested in the dog’s safety. The only thing better than this? Hmm. Maybe a pig walking a cat.

Yes. Of course that exists.

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