This video of Nina Dobrev making out with HERSELF under the mistletoe is making us cry-laugh

If one celeb is feeling the holidays as much as we are, it’s Nina Dobrev. She’s seriously one of the funniest ladies around, and we heart her so much! We just love Nina Dobrev’s sense of humor, and this winter it’s really reached new heights.

She just killed us with this video she posted to her Instagram where she makes out with — wait for it — herself under the mistletoe. Because why kiss someone else when you could kiss yourself?! We’re LOLing.

Is Nina Dobrev hilarious, or is she hilarious?!

In the video, Dobrev is checking out her friend’s house when she comes across mistletoe. Naturally, the funny gal’s instinct is to turn around and get to smooching. And she really gives it her all, wiggling around and rubbing her hands all over her back. She’s so, so cute, and we’re all giggles!

The entire comments section of the pic is filled with the crying laughing emoji, because there’s really no other way to react to such a video.

But that’s not the only time Dobrev’s made our holiday this season!

She also shared this absolutely incredible photo of the gifts her family got her for Christmas…

…including not one, but TWO potatoes saying, “Call more often,” from her parents.

She captioned the post,

"I have the best family. They always get me the most thoughtful "unique" gifts. #PotatoesAreTheNewCoal #loveyouguys❤️"

It’s actually so sweet! Clearly Dobrev’s sense of humor is genetic, because who would even think to send a potato? She also got a “World’s okayest sister” mug, and, like, OMG, our stomachs.

Thanks for the laughs, Nina!

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