This video of Natasha Leggero and a bunch of kids dancing to “Shots” is too much fun

We all need a little craziness on our weekend to help us wind down after a long week. Sometimes we go out with our girls. Sometimes we see a movie. And sometimes, we go dancing. Natasha Leggero, who stars right now in Comedy Central’s Another Period, is right with us. She got crazy funky last weekend in Los Angeles, and it looked like so much fun!

During the week, she plays a rich, plotting socialite, Lillian Bellacourt.

But on the weekend, she loses the corset and shakes her groove thing!

Natasha looks like she’s having a blast dancing to “Shots” by LMFAO, and we would love to join her. Just look at that twerk! We also love that she’s dancing out at Universal City Walk, an outdoor mall in Los Angeles, and the only other dancers are kids. Natasha notices that it’s a little weird too, captioning her post, “Midnight at City Walk me and several children dancing to ‘Shots’.”

Yep, these children haven’t been tired out after a long day at Universal Studios, Hollywood, so their parents are letting them dance out the energy. Although it’s a little weird to see so many kids dancing to a song about taking a bunch of shots. But hey, we can’t deny that it’s a good beat.

Next time you’re out, Natasha, let us know, because we will totally join in!