This video of a massive jawbreaker being cut in half is so weirdly satisfying

YouTube channel Cut in Half features videos of random objects being sliced right down the middle with a water jet, including a baseball, a pair of binoculars, a bowling pin, a stapler and an iron. Those are all very cool to watch, but it’s the nearly two-minute long video of a massive jawbreaker being cut in half that brings so much satisfaction.

Until I watched this captivating, real-time jawbreaker obliteration, I had no idea that, teetering on the fringes of my subconscious, exists a decades-old suppressed rant about a piece of candy that was the one thing I couldn’t destroy as a child.

Those damn candies are the sole objects that didn’t easily succumb to a kid’s reckless nature, which is why I’d probably rank them above licorice as the worst candy ever. Like, what is even the point of jawbreakers?! Perhaps the creators thought the candy could be used as a remote babysitting tool of sorts, kind of like the parents who admit to using iPads to keep their kids quiet.

No one has the patience to suck on them until they finally decide to whittle down into something remotely chewable. And unless you want to sacrifice a few molars, trying to bite into one is simply not an option. Perhaps, that—along with the fact that the jawbreaker actually looks pretty cool on the inside—is why watching an industrial tool effortlessly cut through a jawbreaker feels strangely good to watch.

See? It’s so good and there’s no explaining why. Ah, the mysteries of the internet.

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