This video shows you so many ways to make mac n’ cheese, and it’s also seriously the funniest thing ever

Coming up with fresh ways to prepare a classic dish takes a bit of creativity and apparently humor, that is if you go by this hilarious You Suck at Cooking episode that offers numerous ways to make mac n’ cheese while simultaneously protecting you from scurvy and schooling you on constructing sundials. Uh, yeah…it gets kind of weird, but that’s why we can’t stop watching.

We were fully expecting Bill Nye the Science Guy to make a cameo (y’all know how much he lurves sundials). That didn’t happen but we still got what we came for: several mac n’ cheese makeovers we didn’t know we needed.

For instance, there’s the magical combo of basil and mac n’ cheese that’s been bathed in tomato sauce (who knew mac n’ cheese baths were a thing?). Apparently, basiloni and teese is an Italian culinary masterpiece that pairs well with vodka and Gatorade:

Dying to sink your teeth into some authentic Indian food but don’t wanna leave the house? This vid’s got you covered with Super Authentic Indian Macaroni and Peas that is not exactly authentic but will apparently resolve any lingering regrets about not taking a gap year:

And the list of macaroni-related magical properties goes on and on.  BUT WAIT: Tequila makes an appearance and suddenly we no longer GAF about macaroni. Well, temporarily at least:

OMG, what are we saying?! This video almost mind-screwed us into forgetting that macaroni and cheese will always and forever bae. Seriously, we want this delicious-looking mac ‘ n cheese — as soon as we find out how much a “fuckton of spinach” is:

You know what else this hilarious video has shown us? Gut-busting laughter and empty stomachs don’t work well together. That said, we’re off to try some of these recipes. The sundials will have to wait for later.