Over 1 million people have watched this video of a man popping all his blackheads at once

If you’ve been tooling around the internet lately, you’ve most likely noticed that pimple popping videos are all the rage. We don’t know why. They just are. This recent pimple popping video has garnered over 1 million views since it’s March 5th upload. That means over 1 million people have watched this man pop all his nose blackheads in one fell swoop.

Once again, we don’t know why. They just did.

This video was uploaded by YouTuber, Jacob Acosta, who captioned the video, “I push up on my nose and you’ll see my pores are fairly clogged.” OKAY, Jacob. “Fairly clogged” is honestly a huge understatement and you know it.

Warning: the following video is not for those with weak constitutions.


So… there’s that.

Before you go pushing up on your own nose to clean out your “fairly clogged” pores, know that we don’t recommend you try this method of blackhead removal at home. One false move could land you in the hospital with a broken nose — which, in our opinion, is kind of worse than having blackheads.

Just scrolling through the vast expanse of related pimple popping videos on the YouTube sidebar makes us wonder what this newfangled fascination is with, well, puss. It used to be gross, right? What happened?

Can we blame the charcoal peel-off blackhead masks for starting this weird trend? Or perhaps pimple popping is a visual offshoot of the ASMR craze. We truly do not have an answer, and at this point, we’re not sure we want one.

For those of you who get your kicks from watching people like Jacob clean out their “fairly clogged” pores, then more power to you. The world will always need pimple poppers to help those who need their pimples popped — right? Right???

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