This video just proved that all movie trailers do this one thing exactly the same, and it’s blowing our minds

There’s something about a great movie trailer that gets us all pumped up and excited to see a movie. Because a trailer needs to immediately grab the audience and convey the tone and basic concept of the film — all in about two minutes. But there’s a very specific bass drop that movie trailers use pretty frequently.

In fact, this new YouTube video proves that trailers use the very dramatic base drop sound effect ALL the time. To the point where we should probably try something new. But, we have to say, the bass drop is working.

Check out this supercut of 2017 trailers to see just how similar they are.

Wow. We have to admit that we never noticed how similar those sounds were before, but now we’ll never unsee it. Although it makes sense that movie trailers, like anything else, might go through trends, what’s interesting is the wide variety of movies. We can’t believe that dark horror films, edgy action movies like The Fate of the Furious, superhero movies like Wonder Woman, and fun kids’ movies like Despicable Me 3 all share the same sound effect.

Consider our minds officially blown.

And what’s crazy is, we immediately found another trailer with the same effect.

Browsing through trailers for movies being released tomorrow, we couldn’t believe that The Founder, a drama about the founder of McDonald’s, would have that dramatic bass sting. WRONG! You’ll hear it twice within the first 15 seconds!

We seriously had no clue this sound existed in so many trailers.

And you better believe we’ll be listening closely to every trailer we watch from now on.

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