Meet INSTANT: The rad, new way to stay updated on all things internet

We all have busy schedules — but it’s nice to able to stop for a moment and see what’s going on in the world. To help with this, we now have INSTANT (Time Inc.’s newest video platform), which will artistically focus on “The New Famous” as it covers subjects such as entertainment, food, fashion, beauty, and social media. Essentially, this new platform — which features Degree Deodorant as an exclusive sponsor — is a curated feed that gives you the stories you want to see.

By bringing together artists from other platforms – such as YouTube, Vine, Instagram, YouNow, and – INSTANT aims to provide original content that’s available on our mobile browsers. In other words: INSTANT is *~free~* and doesn’t need to be downloaded. It can instead be found at, which is where we can watch easy-to-share, quick videos called “Instants.”

The site’s Instants will also include four original series. “You Should Follow” will cover social media mavens who are paving their way to fame. “Just the Tip” is perfect for anyone who wants to gain their own social following, since it has popular social stars give viewers their very best advice. “Instant Mix” is geared toward those who love music (so, basically, all of us), since it curates new music and covers from special guests. As for “Around the World,” it will focus on revealing the phenomenons that are currently trending.

INSTANT’s “Launch Squad” – a group of creators who will design original content for the platform – includes talents such as Baby Ariel (’s top artist), RudanC (YouNow star), Jake Paul (Vine star), Teala Dunn (actress/comedian/singer), Mia Stammer (fashion and beauty guru), and “petfluencer” DJ Mini Matt (YouTube star iJustine‘s adorable pup).

In collaboration with, INSTANT will be having a “Muser Monday” challenge, which will promote the music videos and mashups from “Musers” on There’s also going to be a summer show called IRL, which is run by “Launch Squad” member RudanC and will be supported by both and YouNow. We’re also excited to share that HelloGiggles is partnering with INSTANT to create original content that comes directly from our contributors!

If you want to check out this new creation for yourself, then we highly recommend you visit You can also follow them online: @instantdotme (Twitter), @instantdotme (Instagram), (Facebook), @instantdotme (Snapchat), and @instantdotme ( To participate in the conversation surrounding this new launch, you can use the hashtag #INSTANT.

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