This video of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump singing “The Time of My Life” will give you the time of your life

There were a lot of things that sent Twitter ablaze during last night’s second Presidential Debate. From Ken Bone’s (now famous) red sweater to meme mashups, there was plenty going on AROUND the actual debate to keep you entertained outside the politics arena.


And while lots of people were busying themselves with memes and fun photoshops, someone took things to the next level and gave us this…

A video of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ~singing~ “The Time of My Life” aka the Dirty Dancing song.


We’re not entirely sure WHO made the original video (although some commenters mentioned that it came from a Dutch TV network and there is a longer version on YouTube you can see here), but it’s already been reshared on Twitter thousands of times in less than an hour (and counting). And, clearly, people are loving it.

We completely agree that “the internet is too damn fast” – this is a lot of time and dedication to put into a meme, but honestly? We’re kind of loving it. The timing of the music and lip-syncing is borderline, no it really is, impressive. And, frankly, this hilarious video has given us the time of OUR lives.

Us, right now.

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