This video hilariously sums up what having girl roommates is like

Oh, roommates. As any 20-something can relate to, having roommates is that rite of passage that you overcome in your college years and early adulthood. There can be a lot of fun that comes along with having a roommate — you could make a lifelong friend, who also shares your love of takeout and binge-watching Netflix shows in the living room. But it’s not always easy having roommates. And as BuzzFeed says in this hilarious video, having girl roommates isn’t always the easiest thing.

This video isn’t all laughs — it’s a hilarious truth that anyone with girl roommates can relate to. From awkward sing-a-longs, space issues, and trying to explain what makes a Shonda Rhimes show work, having girl roommates is full of hilariously awkward moments. But for the right roommates, they can be memories that you look back fondly on…or at least, be proud of yourself for surviving.

Check out the video below:

Yup. This is all extremely correct.

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