This video of a guy speed flying through the Alps will almost definitely make you dizzy, but watch it anyway

Anyone prone to motion sickness may want to avoid watching this video of a guy speed flying through the Alps. But if your bucket list items all include activities that are scary AF, take a peek at your future because this could be you. Shared on GoPro’s YouTube page, the clip called Epic Lines: Speedflying with Jamie Lee shows the spine-tingling adventure of a daredevil who leaped off a mountain with a GoPro camera strapped to his head.

Even though it feels like taking an extremely disturbing roller coaster ride, we cannot stop watching this insanely dizzying clip. Only a die-hard adrenaline junkie could explain the appeal of gliding down a mountainside and coming way too close to face-planting on a snow-covered boulder.

Strap on your virtual seat belt because this is one hell of a ride:

OK, so…how do we say this kindly? Kudos to Jamie, but HELL TO THE NO THANK YOU. We prefer to watch from the comfort of a couch where the only threat of pain comes from digging our nails into the cushions.