This video of a firefighter rescuing a kitten will restore your faith in humanity

Whether they’re keeping us company at home or secretly roaming the neighborhood on their own adventures, we love our pets. Pets and people often help each other, and animals can bring out the best in us. One recent viral video is the perfect example of this, showing how one Florida firefighter’s quick thinking saved the lives of two kittens.

According to the Palm Beach Post, firefighters in the town of Palm Bay, Florida, responded to a call about a burning house. When they arrived at the scene, they found a woman still inside, trying to save her beloved kittens. Luckily, firefighter Jake Couture sprang into action. After helping the homeowner to safety, Couture headed back into the house to rescue her two pets. The firefighter carried the two cats outside, resuscitating one of the kittens with an oxygen mask specially designed for pets.

Although the kitten, nicknamed “Smokey” was scared at first, he eventually calmed down as Couture held him wrapped in blankets.

A video posted to the Palm Bay Fire Rescue’s Facebook page featured Couture cradling the kitten, while another firefighter held an oxygen mask to his face.

Later posts from the fire department showed Smokey on the road to recovery, wrapped in a blanket in Couture’s arms.

Today, May 8th, Florida Today reported that Smokey has been under the care of Animal Control since the fire (part of the necessary procedure for a fire), but he will be released to his family once he is cleared. Smokey’s owner, meanwhile, is being treated for smoke inhalation at the hospital. The cause of the fire, which sadly destroyed most of the home, is still unknown.

“I’m just happy to have been  in the right place at the right time,” Couture told Fox35 Orlando.

Couture’s bravery and swift action definitely make him a hero — to both the cats and their human. We’re glad that Smokey and his owner are both okay, and we hope they will be reunited soon.

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