A ton of celebrities made a video sharing their favorite memories of President Obama, so get ready to cry

Soon we will have to officially say goodbye to President Obama. And we’re already deep in our feels about it. He has been one of the most influential and groundbreaking politicians in US history. And the end of his term marks the end of an important era.

As a fitting send off, celebs, citizens and people around the world participated in a goodbye video titled, “Yes We Can: People Share Their Most Memorable Moments from the Obama Presidency.”


In the five minute video, folks share their favorite Obama moments, and it’s really touching.

Remembering the last eight years and the changes he’s brought to our country makes it really hard to say goodbye. Ellen DeGeneres remembers this moment with First Lady Michelle in CVS.


Of course there were a lot of famous folks and athletes speaking up for the President.

One little girl remembers being inspired by the President telling her to “eat your peas,” because it reminded her to keep going. Another young student remembers getting called on to ask a question at a speech, and then being asked to perform a rap.

From climate change, to inclusivity, to his humor and wit, it’s clear that President Obama will be missed. As Kerry Washington said in the video, he made us all feel like the “we” in the “we the people.”

And Shonda Rhimes echoed a similar sentiment.

Rhimes talked about "the magic of that moment — of that man, who we’d all been on this journey with, take that stage with his family. I was sitting at home in my living room and I felt like I was a part of that crowd in the park."

As we say an emotional goodbye to President Obama and his family, at least we can watch this video and know we’re in good company with our feelings.

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