This video where dogs teach us how to hug is the best thing we’ve ever seen

When it comes to showing unabashed affection, dogs are pretty much experts. They don’t hold anything back. Pups go ALL IN with the PDA, and we love them for it.

So it makes sense that two adorable doggies got together and made us clueless humans a hugging guide for Valentine’s Day. They had a little help from Emily Larlham, owner of Dogmantics dog training, who posted the video to YouTube. Thank you, Emily. No really, THANK YOU. Because it might be the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen.

The dogs in the video demonstrate five different types of hugs because, like we said, they’re experts. (Did you really think there was only one type of hug? So sad.)

They start with the Sly Hug.


Then they progress to the Drag In.


Next up is the Light Touch. (Our hearts!)


Followed by the Criss Cross.


But they save our absolute favorite for last. The Bear Hug. (Ugh! The cuteness. We can’t.)


Check out the entire video below. Then be like a dog and go hug it out with someone.

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