This soothing video of dancing paint will help you fall asleep

It’s the middle of the day and we’re currently feeling super sleepy, but we promise it’s not our fault! We just came across one of the greatest videos we’ve ever seen – one that has successfully lulled our brains into a state of relaxation. It’s called “Memories of Paintings” and it beautifully features dancing paint.


How exactly does one create dancing paint, you ask? Well, Thomas Blanchard holds the key to the heart of this question (and the answer is much less complex than one would expect). Using acrylic paint, milk, liquid soap, and oil, the artist designed a concoction of colors. He started out by pouring milk into a dish and subsequently splashed the paint, oil, and soap on top of this base. Occasionally, he’d pull out a syringe for a more precise pouring.


“‘Memories of Paintings’ is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves,” Blanchard writes on Bored Panda. “I filmed the painting with a Canon 550D camera, using macro lens. I poured the milk and paint on a plate, and it’s a drop of dishwasher liquid that animates the painting. The chemical reaction is funny and practical. The small planets are made with paint mixed with rapeseed oil.”


We couldn’t agree more with Thomas’ comparison to planets. From the moment his creation begins to flow together, it appears as though an artistic universe is forming. The paint expands and contracts in a swirl of glitter and rich hues. The various shades bump into one another, surging like a river as they eventually come together or spread apart.


Along with the music, Blanchard’s work of wonder is downright soothing. As our eyes witness the Dance of the Paint, our minds begin to quiet down. Our stresses melt away and all we can focus on is the ebb and flow of the paint.

Yeah, we’re definitely going to re-watch this the moment we climb under our covers.

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