This video of cows scratching an itch is both cute and satisfying

According to our clocks, it’s time to watch some cows scratch their itchy spots. No need to check your smart phones for a missed cow o’clock alert. Just trust us: There’s a designated hour(s) in each day where clips of animals simply being too cute for words are required viewing.

Fine, so there isn’t, but there should be! Besides, there are tons of people online as we speak writing poems about cows licking bread (don’t ask us to explain because we still have no idea). And considering how much everyone loved that BBC Planet Earth II mashup of bears scratching their backs, we figured this cow vid would be warmly received.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s proceed to watch some feverish cow scratching, shall we? To get you in the mood, here’s a cow wearing the hell out of a blonde wig.

via giphy

On to the scratching! Photographer George Saunders shot footage of the animals using a mounted cow scratcher and shared it on YouTube. We absolutely have to give major props to both the person who invented the marvelous piece of equipment and the individual who thought enough of collective cow-scratching needs to install one. Honestly, we all know how absolutely unnerving it feels to have an unreachable itch, so we can appreciate this video on so many levels.

The clip is slightly sped up, which makes it all the more hilarious.

SIGHS. That was way too satisfying. Anyone else in the mood for an intense back-scratching sesh?