We have found inner peace thanks to this video of cotton candy melting

It’s Saturday and you deserve some serenity. Sure, you could hit a yoga class, bliss out at the spa, or enjoy a rejuvenating walk out in nature, but…sometimes you find yourself craving a new level of Zen. So, to boost your very special me time, we’ve got respite for you in the form of this video of slooooowly melting cotton candy.

Honestly, who knew this could be so satisfying. In the video, shared by Gizmodo, watch as multiple pieces of cotton candy disintegrate before your eyes, collapsing into a puddle of sugary goo.

This cotton candy has all the allure of a lava lamp, the way it melts and changes shape, hues shifting from palest pastel blue into vivid azure. Watch it and don’t be surprised if you begin to contemplate clouds in the sky, sea foam in rocky pools, and exactly how appealing that burning sugar must smell (we give it six months before a melting-cotton-candy dessert hits the newest trendy restaurant).

Though, given the way it literally dissolves before our eyes, we should probably be more alarmed about the fact that we put this into our body on the regular, but honestly, who cares? Your body is a temple, and temples have festivals, and honestly, what is a festival without cotton candy? This is only logic.

Plus, most cotton candy recipes are literally just sugar and food coloring, and while it’s not the healthiest snack, it’s far better than the deep-fried Oreo fare you’ll find nearby. Who knows? Maybe the sugar is even organic.

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