This video of chocolate art being made is such a gorgeous reminder that food is more than just fun to eat

Pardon us, but we’re experiencing a sudden onset of weakness at the moment. We know what you’re thinking: That afternoon slump is no joke, but it’s not that. It’s this video of chocolate pastry art that has rendered us breathless and light-headed from all the oohing, ahhing and sharp inhaling we did while watching it. For real, IT LOOKS SOOOOO GOOD and also like the best job everrrr, ugh.

Seriously, we haven’t been so enthralled by chocolate and art since someone created a chocolate statue of Benedict Cumberbatch. And yeah, we totally appreciate being hipped to the existence of edible chocolate manicures but this pastry art is some next-level shit, y’all.

Yes, we are absolutely crushing on the chocolate creations in this video, which has us convinced we could probably be OK with dating that chocolate statue we mentioned earlier. Jean Philippe Patisserie pastry chef Amaury Guichon are responsible for these culinary masterpieces and his skill is unbelievable.

Why wasn’t this chocolate box and bow underneath our Christmas tree, guys? We need answers:

OK, we’re losing strength again. While we recover, just watch how he makes this:

Turn into these:

And we promise that’s not even the half. Here’s the full video of Guichon in action, but for your safety, we advise you not to watch it without an inhaler and a bib on hand.

Maybe we need to aim higher in life, but we swear this chocolate video is easily the best thing to happen to us all week.