This guy’s video hilariously calls out the ridiculous marketing of body products “for men”

As many of us have noticed, a disproportionate number of women’s body products come packaged in pink, purple, and other hues that society has deemed “feminine.” But, we’re not the only ones who get stereotyped by manufacturers and marketing agencies — and Lucky Turner proved it with his video that perfectly calls out the ridiculous marketing of body products “for men.

When Turner went to the store to buy Shea Moisture, he noticed that nearly every body product targeted at men was a darker color than gender-neutral items — so the 22-year-old student decided to make a video about the topic, and included a healthy dose of humor.

Turner posted it to Twitter with the hilariously fitting hashtag #masculinitysofragile.

“I really just wanted to make a note of how items are marketed differently to men vs. women but with some humor attached to it, he told BuzzFeed News.

The video is definitely comedic thanks to Turner’s spot-on narration with the refrain, “get it for men — in a darker color!”

But, it also makes the important observation that women aren’t the only ones who are expected to be drawn to specific colors based on our gender.

And, plenty of Twitter users appreciated the comedy — because it’s pretty hard to listen to that dramatic narration without laughing out loud. They responded by posting their own humorous thoughts on the matter.

Just three days after the video was posted, it’s already garnered 73,000 likes and 50,000 retweets — so whether people appreciate the message, the humor, or both, it’s safe to say that Turner’s video is a huge (and hilarious) success.

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