This video about bullying will restore your faith in humanity

Bullying statistics might make you cry. One in three children are bullied in grade school these days. One in five teens experience bullying in high school. Sadly, more than half of kids who’ve been bullied decide not to report it.

October is Bullying Prevention Month, the perfect time to start a conversation about how to put an end to daily torment. I mean, school is hard enough – usually, you have to do math at school. But, even if it means tackling algebra, school should be a safe place, a place to grow into who you want to be without fear.

In an effort to get people talking about bullying and how to stop it, UPTV released some really awesome tips on how to talk to kids about bullying, whether they are facing a bully or being one. The most important thing, the site shares, is to show support for the person being bullied. Yes, remember what mom always says and ignore bullies, but never ignore the person getting hurt.

UPTV created a video for Bullying Prevention Month, begging the question, “In an increasingly disconnected world, who will stop the bullying?” Here’s one more statistic that may make you cry – in a good way: Over half of bullying situations end when a peer intervenes. Openly supporting a victim of bullying can completely change the playing field, and this video proves it.

A hidden camera watched three preteen girls waiting for a bus. Two of them are ganging up on the third, and it’s seriously heart wrenching.

One of the meanies is clearly an instigator while they other one laughs. That’s still bullying, y’all! Mean Girl #1 say that girls on her dance team talks about her behind her back.

They ask if she auditioned for the musical, and when she shows some excitement, they crush it with a cruel joke.

Then they do the worst thing they can do. They insult her reading.

I know, I kind of want to metaphorically punch them, too. But that’s not the solution. Nearby adults overhear the disgusting things these bullies are slinging at this girl and get involved.
This guy says what we all wanted to say.

As does this gentleman.

This woman offers her a new place to sit away from the negativity and then compliments her backpack – yasss!

Another woman tells her she can sit next to her on the bus, giving our small, literate heroine an escape route from those two bullies.

Is that a tear I see? It’s ok, this video is emotional! Bullying can be prevented, and the best way to do that is to build each other up, empower each other. If bullies want to watch others crumble under their words, then we need to band together to create a stronger resistance. If you see something, say something. This video proves that strangers can make a difference. You can make a difference.

And if you are a victim of bullying, past or present, remember that it’s not your fault. Do not stop reading or auditioning for musicals or inviting the whole dance team to your birthday party. We’ve got your back.

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