You need to watch this video of birds flying in formation like a shape-shifting cloud

Birds don’t have the biggest brains on the planet, but that tiny organ is obviously good for something, otherwise we wouldn’t be so captivated by normal avian activity. Case in point: this flock of birds that resembles a magic cloud.

Without any understanding of typical bird behavior, we could see how watching the flying creatures form these totally wavy patterns could make someone nervous about birds. Like, is this just some sort of bird game that takes the place of crapping on random people and cars?

Well, as we discovered upon watching this equally mesmerizing video of starlings in flight, scientists have figured out that this collective bird flight path is actually a survival maneuver to evade predators.

We couldn’t agree more so, we should probably give birds a little more credit and stop using the term “bird brain” as a way to describe a person who is “annoyingly stupid and shallow,” as Google puts it. This marvelous footage captured by Marco Campazas proves that birds (and their brains) are anything but.

Absolutely awesome.

Oh, and we love how another flock joins the main group and falls right in line with the formation of a stunning pattern in the sky. SEE WHAT WE MEAN, GUYS! Birds are highly intelligent and lucky is the creature that is blessed to have a bird brain.

Well perhaps we shouldn’t go that far. But still, there’s something extremely amazing about how in sync these animals are with one another. Now if someone with an exceptional human brain can figure out a way to construct vehicles that mimic the seamless manner in which these birds move with one another, we just might be on to something huge.