Here’s a video of beagles chasing a toy car, proving that dogs are naturally funny AF

If we could be more like dogs, we’d be the queens of cardio. Seriously, they will launch into a light speed-paced sprint at the slightest provocation, like the beagles in this video that chased a toy car down like a pack of wild animals.

People who are obsessed with their pet dogs know this scenario all too well. You casually toss something in a corner and the next thing you know, you’re involved in a game of throw and fetch that you don’t recall starting. That, or either you see your dog chasing its tail like the lovable maniac it is and sigh out loud because you know that, as a human, entertaining yourself will likely never be that simple.

But here’s the thing: Watching dogs chase shit just because is actually pretty funny (except for when you’re drawn into those endless games of fetch, which are totally not). The beagles in this clip shared by reddit user Erin Ison absolutely cannot help themselves and it’s the most hilarious mad dash ever.

As beagles are prone to do, the entire fur-flying fiasco began with a ridiculous amount of barking at ear-piercing levels because GAHZOMGWTF, A TOY CAR IS ON THE LOOSE:

If you’re looking for a pack of dogs with chill, these ain’t it:

Well, except for this one:

LOL. These dogs are giving us so much life right now. Who else is thinking about rounding up a pack of beagles to run with instead of signing up for a gym membership at the start of the new year?