This video of a baby seeing her mother for the first time is, in fact, EVERYTHING

Prepare your heart to burst into a million pieces. Last week, a mom posted a video of her baby, Louise, seeing her face for the first time ever.

Louise was born with albinism, a disorder that affects pigmentation in the eyes, skin, or hair, and can often cause problems with vision. She has never been able to see her mother, until the moment, captured on video, when she’s fitted with glasses. As soon as Louise recognizes her mom’s voice and turns her head toward her, she erupts into the most incredible smile.

The YouTube clip, which has now been viewed over one million times, lasts just 15 seconds. But it’s 15 seconds that pretty much cover the bond between mom and baby, the resilience of even the youngest people, the miracle of modern science, the gift of sight and the power of true love. You know, just that.

In case your heart is still intact, here is the caption for this unbelievable video:

“Our sweet Louise who has Albinism, received her glasses! This is her reaction from putting them on for the first time. It seems like she is really ‘seeing’ her mommy for the first time. Love!”

As soon as you finish wiping your eyes, call your mother.

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